Toilet Tank Sinks Don’t Stink

Caroma toilet tank sink California is in the middle of a water crisis, yet simple technologies that can help save 100s of gallons a year are not being adopted. While traveling in Japan several years ago I encountered a variety of interesting toilets. Of course many American’s have heard of the famous bidet toilet seats that will wash you after you have done your business, but an older toilet design is that which drew oct interest to me. These toilets had little sinks and faucets on the toilet tank.

With the toilet tank sink designs users are able to wash their hands with the water that will fill the toilet tank in preparation for the next flush. The 5-6 liters of water that are stored in the toilet tank are plenty for users to wash their hands. The faucet automatically dispenses water into the sink on the top of the toilet tank serving as an excellent reminder to engage in hygiene.

Sink Positive Toilet Tank Lid Adjustable Sink

In the United States there are several versions available as a quick search online will prove. Some, such as SinkPositive
from North Carolina, are affordable at around $139. These adjustable units  let you  retrofit your existing toilet. Some imported designs are much more sophisticated and accordingly more expensive. Regardless on price, the technology is available and not being widely adopted. Is there a market opportunity in marketing this sort of simple grey water system? Do small steps such as a toilet tank sink help pave the way to the adoption of more grey water systems?

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